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May. 28. 2021

The above video is the creation process of South End, which is Joe Iurato's artwork for BK BALL’N!😍😍

Please look forward to his future cooperation with Gin Huang gallery!💖💖💖

South EndJoe Iurato

Another World-Joe Iurato

American artist Joe Iurato, who is known for his unique street art style and narrative ability, and he will participate in BK BALL’N!

BK BALL’N is an exhibition that commemorates the old Brooklyn Nets basketball court (2012-2019), It is created by Joe Iurato and other famous contemporary artists, using recycled hardwoods from the Brooklyn Nets basketball court as a medium.
If you want to know the latest news of BK BALL’N, please look over  NBALAB and weareround21 !

Hello, Spring

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Artist profile|

American artist Joe Iurato is famous for his street art creations and miniature site-specific action figures. Most of his inspirations are based on personal experience, he transforms ordinary daily life into elaborate scenes which resonate wonderfully with the audience. With years of creative experience, unique presentation techniques, and narrative ability. Joe is widely loved by everyone. At the same time, he has attracted many well-known brands to cooperate.

More artist information: Joe Iurato

The Run Down-Joe Iurato

South EndJoe Iurato