News | Igor DOBROWOLSKI set the highest individual auction record for an artist at Europe's top charity auction, TOP CHARITY 2024.

Jun. 12. 2024

伊果 ‧ 多布羅沃斯基 Igor Dobrowolski 於歐洲最頂級慈善拍賣會 TOP CHARITY 2024 拍出作品 

📣 Artist News Update 📣 

represented by GIN HUANG Gallery,
sold his artwork for 250,000 Euros at TOP CHARITY 2024,
Europe‘s premier charity auction, on June 9th.




I am extremely happy that my work could be included in one of the most unique charity auctions in the world. Created by @omenaamensah @rbrzoska in cooperation with the unique @polswissart art auction house. I must say that the entire fantastic team, mainly Girls , who organized this extraordinary event was so so so committed and wonderfully warm and with exceptional energy I really absolutely enchanted by this Team, thank you Girls and thank you to everyone who helped make something so uniqu. 

The amount of work put into in this event is beyond imagination I never seen so much work and dedication in charity auction, thanks to this auction the works sold for approximately 50 Milion PLN. The personal stories of people whom this auction helps are heartwarming and so important. these auctions change real lives of children, they save people’s souls, they give them hope and smiles in their hearts.

In my opinion, they are very sincere and true in what they do. If you have other opinion then you should go deeper in what this whole Team is creating. Thank you so much For your work.

Artist Info|Igor DOBROWOLSKI

Igor Dobrowolski

Igor DOBROWOLSKI, born in Poland, drew inspiration from art since childhood, drawing from the aesthetics of his hometown. His signature style features exquisite monochromatic semi-transparent large-scale paintings overlaid with images of body parts or dreamlike scenarios. Influenced by Salvador Dalí and M.C. Escher from a young age, Igor drew inspiration from art books collected by his family, often spending hours emulating their works, which profoundly impacted his creative process.

"At that time, I was trying to understand what was happening in the world, and the trauma, pain, and torment I felt shocked me. I wanted to do something. It became my way of self-expression and conveying what I felt deep inside. Each day was a cycle of creating and resting, striving to make a difference with what I saw."

Igor, who has long been concerned with social issues and humanitarian causes, expresses himself through various mediums including oil painting, photography, and mixed media. In the early stages of his career, he contrasted Western consumerism with social issues, initiating a series of related art movements in different countries to raise awareness of social issues. In 2017, he combined photography with advertising billboards to address the negative impact of fast fashion, urging viewers to reflect, take action, reduce harm, and assist those directly or indirectly affected by the products of a bustling world. In the same year, Igor held another event in Berlin titled "Christmas in Yemen," juxtaposing worlds to shed light on long-overlooked realities. "I just want to give a voice to the voiceless. Because for many, the world is ruthless."

Through his continuous focus on social issues and humanitarianism, artist Igor unveiled a new series in 2020, utilizing metal materials with mirrored finishes, carving on metal surfaces, and creating three-dimensional crystals with composite materials and rhinestones. The past sorrows and hardships are transformed into beautiful crystals, shining like the sun after processing the metal, infusing his works with not just sorrow but also profound hope and strength. "For me, including elements of hope in all my works is crucial, because I believe that even in immense sorrow, everything will get better eventually."

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