News|Loes van Delft's artwork now exhibiting at China Nanjing Deji Art Museum!

July. 22. 2023

Exhibition|Let the Adventure Begin - The World We See

Article by China Nanjing Deji Art Museum 


🎉Loes van Delft's artwork now exhibiting at China Nanjing Deji Art Museum!🎉

Open my eyes, I, eagerly, longingly, gaze ahead. The wondrous earth awaits to record my footprints. What I love the most are the unfamiliar seasons, and unexplored stars and skies, new friends, calling for new worlds.

Hi! Hello! Countless universes soar towards me, about to descend. I, put away the map, I am liberated and carefree, walking, running, leaping, breathing, flying, drifting, embarking on adventres, one after another.

Does the sun have a fondness for me, always chasing after? Unbeknownst, my skin has turned tan.

In my mind, a bountiful harvest of golden fields grow, covered with sparkling, unforgettable, nostalgic moments. I, return to the childhood city, where soft radiance twinkles, unrestrained, bustling with vitality.

The eyes of a child are filled with infinite curiosity, I must run, chasing this marvelous world.

At times two-dimensional, at times three, at times multi-dimensional, at times transcending reality in the realm of ideals. The present exhibition “Let the Adventure Begin” showcases artworks by 18 international contemporary artists. By exploring the artists’ genuine expressions, inquisitive mindsets, and open-mindedness, we embark on a journey of their individual creative adventures.

In doing so, we are prompted to ask “If there is a definitive answer to the world we see and the world they see?” In this exhibition, we wish to take you on the journey of artistic endeavors where you can search for your own answers.

The following is the international report

News 蘿絲.范.黛芙特的作品在中國的德基美術館展出!

News 蘿絲.范.黛芙特的作品在中國的德基美術館展出!

News 蘿絲.范.黛芙特的作品在中國的德基美術館展出!News 蘿絲.范.黛芙特的作品在中國的德基美術館展出!

News 蘿絲.范.黛芙特的作品在中國的德基美術館展出!

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