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Feb. 8. 2023

Loes van Delft x CASTiFY

🎉 Loes van Delft x CASETiFY 🎉

Dutch artist Loes van Delft and CASETiFY exclusively co-published a series of 3C casings including Phones, IPad, MacBook, Airpods etc, featuring the artist's unique elements with stunning design! Put on your new clothes for your phone now and enter the world of Loes together! 

▍Product ModeliPhone、iPad、AirPods、MacBook、Samsung、Google

▍Chose your own color and product model 


Loes van Delft x CASETiFY

Loes van Delft x CASETiFY

Loes van Delft x CASETiFY

Loes van Delft x CASETiFY0


▍Artist InfoLoes van Delft

Loes van Delft's creation contains brand symbols, digital technology, social media and other elements to illustrate her personal observations of social phenomena. The artist have the courage to attempt combination of different materials, her creativity came stimulated, and make creations diversified. With an open mind and open vision, she knows how to use the brand's reputation to enhance her iconic advantages and integrate with it. Her brands has been well-known so far, and is also loved by many artists and celebrities.

Loes van Delft specially collaborated with CASETiFY on a series of 3C protective shell products, she implant her soul into her iconic characters Pjipje and KAKKIE, and transfer into products. She create with soft, vividly lines, with self-created character eyes express the spirit of her perseverance, which also represents that the artist has gradually found herself in creative career, and the spirit, the target in the way to be herself. The artist hopes that her creation will convey more positive energy, fun and joyful colors to people's lives .

"Compared with trend art, my art is more like creating in the way of pop art"  

-  Loes van Delft 

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