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Jan. 5. 2023

Gotta Catch 'Em All

🚀  Loes van Delft 's limited edition prints special event 🚀

In November 2022, this fantastic artwork became the center of attention at Loes van Delft's first solo exhibition in Asia, in that case, Loes specially provided 10 prints of " Gotta Catch 'Em All " for Taiwanese collectors to have the opportunity to collect the work!

For ensure fairness, each participant can only register once and " Gotta Catch 'Em All " by Loes van Delft print will be purchase on site. 

Please read the following information carefully

 This event is only for “ONE ART Taipei 2023”, purchase qualificate registration is only available to the first 10 collectors on site. The purchase qualification registration only provided to the frist 10 visitors on the day. 

Purchase time1/14 (Sat) from 12:00 noon

 Venue Room 1209, 12th Floor,


TitleGotta Catch ‘Em All


MaterialGiclée Art Print

Editions25 (Only 10 pieces are available in Asia)


* On-site payment only accepts credit card or Line Pay, no cash.

 The work will be accompanied by the COA from the artist's netherlands studio,

and the front of the work will be attached with Loes's autograph and serial number.

Shipping starts late February, 2023.

※Gin Huang Gallery has the right to change the content of the event and reserves the right to make the final decision, including canceling those who are not eligible for the event at any time.Gin Huang Gallery is not responsible for any loss caused by incorrect information or failure to pay in time.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Loes van Delft

Artist Info 
The paintings of Loes van Delft combine an innocent quirkiness with a cheeky cartoon feel. The artist infuses her soul into his signature Pjipje character in the soft line, lively, and dynamic, the expression in Pjipje’s eye seems to be tough and indomitable spirit as the artist has gradually found her position in the creating career. Loes van Delft expresses herself through her works and incorporates a female perspective to start a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.

Loes van Delft's creation contains brand symbols, digital technology, social media and other elements to illustrate her personal observations of social phenomena. The artist have the courage to try the combination of different materials, hers creativity is constantly being stimulated, and make the creations are diversified. The works have also ranged from small-scale graphic works to large-scale sculptures.

With an open mind and vision, she knows how to use the brand's reputation to enhance her own advantages and integrate with it. The brands that Loes have collaborated with including : HEINEKEN, TOMMY HILFIGER, TIGHA, MAC COSMETICS, PEUGEOT, TIMBERLAND and many other well-known brands. Superstar Justin Bieber also loves the hand-painted leather jacket jointly launched by the artist and fashion brand TIGHA. Justin Bieber and his father Jeremy Bieber have been exposed on Instagram many times. Besides, the artist was invited to be one of participating artists in the 90th anniversary exhibition of MOAM and Disney in 2018. Loes combined her own character with Mickey Mouse and was well received.

"Compared with trend art, my art is more like creating in the way of pop art"  -  Loes van Delft 

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