2022|Declaration Voice Phishing


🔴 Please DO NOT trust the unreasonable discount , the artists we have worked with are very popular in the international art market, and it is impossible to sell at unreasonable low price. 

🔴 GIN HUANG Gallery remittance account ONLY IN TAIWAN‼️ 

🔴 When you receive unknown/suspicious mail or invoice, please confirm with us by official " Facebook / Instagram " account directly‼️

🔴 GIN HUANG Gallery official email addresses ONLY two: 

“ vip-service@ginhuanggallery.com “, “ info@ginhuanggallery.com “, copied.

Declaration from Gin Huang Gallery :

Hi there,

As you might remember, a bad actor impersonated the gallery in email communications with some collectors.

It came to our attention that the bad actor has since sent additional messages that look like they are coming from a gallery employee. They are using the false email address, 

"info@ginh A U nggallery.com"

To ensure your security, we wanted to bring this to your attention so you can verify who you’re corresponding with moving forward. We recommend the following next steps:

☞If you’ve received any message and invoice from the scam emails , “info@ginh A U nggallery.com" etc, please do not trust it.

☞ Inquiry service only for 

• Private client: 


• Verify with Gin Huang Gallery directly by emailing 

“ info@ginhuanggallery.com “

☞Block the false email address “info@ginh A U nggallery.com"  with your email provider to prevent further communications.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Gin Huang Gallery