Video|Van Ray's surprise for collector

July. 09 2021

With the consent of German artist Van Ray, Gin Huang Gallery is honored to share this warm video:
Not long ago, a bigwig collector from Hong Kong bought a work of Van as a birthday present for her husband.
However, after receiving the work, she found that the signature on the back was slightly scratched and felt lost about it.

When Van Ray heard that a collector received a work with scratch on the back,
He thoughtfully recorded this video to the collector  ❤️❤️❤️.
Thanks to Van's heart warming video, the couple turned from sad to very surprised,
and they also had a happy birthday! 😍😍😍

Best For The Best


In the video Van Ray said:

Hi, how are you?

I hope you're doing fine and having a great birthday with your lovely wife.I don't know of you're happy with your present? But, I really hope you like it, from the heart. That's what I do, it's also what this present from your wife is meant to be.

So I was told there is a scratch on the back on the writing I put on for you, but, it shouldn't happen.

It's scratches and life that make memories, it's the scratches that make ourselves unique, it's also the scratches that makes us keep going for more.

So what I can say is good luck my friend. I love some more of them damn cash! You got it, peace!

  Circus Routes 202073.5 x 181.5 cmSynthetic resin paint, Rust technique on steel


Retrospect2020Diameter 55 cmSynthetic resin paint on enamel sign

Antiques used in Van Ray’s works are always mottled by the years.

He believes that these flaws symbolize the uniqueness and completeness of human; the scratches on the back of the work are actually like flaws on an antique.

Beautiful stories sublimate from the defect. It's like receiving an imperfect work, but accidentally getting a film specially recorded by the artist, and leaving beautiful memories.

In addition to creating countless beautiful works, artists always bring us unexpected surprises!

Let us look forward to the future development of the warm-hearted artist Van Ray ❤️❤️❤️

Artist profile|

The German street art artist Van Ray grew up under the influence of the Parisian “Pochoir Movement” during the Eighties. As a result of this early force of this kind of art, which prevalent implicates art as an expression of social criticism in public, he began to express his own view of society with the help of graffiti.

Due to personal maturation and developed abilities to deal with ubiquitous social and political problems of the Western society. Van Ray broadened his artistic on hand skills by redeveloping methods  like using stencils, stickers, paste-ups and sculptures. 

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Van Ray