Press|The Dutch media reported that Rose Van Delft's works have attracted much attention in China.

Feb. 8. 2021

Chinees museum koopt alle kunst van Loes van Delft in één klap op, written by Metro

All works of the Dutch artist Loes van Delft represented by GIN HUANG Gallery have been collected by Deji Art Museum in China. This news aroused enthusiastic attention from the audience. The Dutch media even published it on the homepage, reporting on the good news that Loes van Delft's artwork has attracted much attention in China.

"Art pops off the wall

For those who are not familiar with Delft's work: She creates very colorful contemporary art, full of vitality and full of various contemporary patterns. In addition to creating many paintings, the artist also works on various media, such as coats, motorcycles, skateboards, vases and cars. "

”Asia embraces Loes van Delft

In addition to planning to change dwelling place, the artist plans to exhibit two exhibitions in Taiwan in 2021 and participate in the Hong Kong Art Central Art Fair. "


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