Press|The Dutch media DPG Media interviewed artist Delft and wrote a report on the good news

Feb. 8. 2021

DPG Media x Loes van Delft

All works of the Dutch artist Loes van Delft represented by GIN HUANG Gallery have been collected by Deji Art Museum in China. This news aroused enthusiastic attention from the audience. The Dutch media  DPG Media interviewed artist Delft and wrote a report on the good news.

Door deze klapper heb ik de vrijheid om mijn ideale plekje te zoeken “  - Loes van Delft
After breaking through myself again and again, I have more freedom and be able to find my ideal position.” - Loes van Delft

Delft is very happy that all her works have entered the art museum. "Every artist dreams of this, right? Because everyone can enjoy the pleasure of appreciating art, so that art has more opportunities to enter everyone's life."

Because all works are in the museum, Loes must start to create with all their strength for various exhibitions in the spring, "Because I don’t have any more artworks. But it’s okay, it gives me a lot of energy. Art has always been my love, so I will gave everything for this." But first, another job must be done first. "My works are exhibited in many art galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium. I have to collect them, pack them and send them to China.". They start a new life there, which means a new beginning for the artist.