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Jun. 24. 2020

佳士得線上拍賣|丹尼爾‧阿爾軒(DANIEL ARSHAM):未來考古學

American artist Daniel Arsham has become popular in the arts and fashion circles in recent years. After collaborating with international high-end boutique Dior in 2019, it has become popular in all walks of life. In 2020, from 6/19-30, Christie's held a special online auction of "Daniel Arsham: Archeology of the Future". The proceeds of this special shoot will be donated to Union Cooper, his alma mater who was severely affected by the new crown epidemic. 

Artist Introduction|Daniel Arsham

American artist Daniel Arsham was born in 1980 and graduated from the Cooper Union School of Design and Art. He studied architecture when he was a student. As the background of architectural. Not only being an artist, he is also one of the co-organizers in American architectural firm Snarkitecture. Snarkitecture is not only architecture, but also cross-disciplinary performing arts, music, movies and so on. Although the artist himself suffers from color blindness and is unable to recognize colors, Daniel still has a profound background in painting, the left and right hands can draw accurately at the same time.

Taking the future archeology as the creative concept, through the baptism of time, Daniel Arsham what kind of shape will the present material on the earth show after a long time. The media is diverse, mainly made of pyrite, selenite, volcanic ash, glass and obsidian. Through the changes of existing materials in time and space, interpret the issues of the past, present, future, time and space, and humanity.

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