Video|How the KAWS Companion Is Disrupting the Art World and Beyond

Jun. 19. 2020

Organizing the most popular artists within the contemporary art in recent years, the American artist Kaws is certainly on the list. In the "Behind the HYPE" special project, the trending media Hypebeast again sorted out Kaws' classic creations and major events in recent years.

In "How does KAWS Companion enter the art field?", in addition to reviewing the artist's classic creations, the film recalls how the sensational the world were in the past. At the same time, it makes people look forward to this artist who constantly refreshes his creations and records. 

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KAWS Companion 如何進軍藝術領域? Behind the HYPE

KAWS Companion 如何進軍藝術領域? Behind the HYPE


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