Bijutsutecho|Accident on 120000 dollar banana 'Comedian'. What happened at Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Dec. 17, 2019

Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 comedian

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Maurizio Cattelan's sculpture “Comedian” (2019) presented at the art fair “Art Basel Miami Beach”. A series of events surrounding this piece of real bananas affixed to the wall with scotch tape.

The curtain closed on December 8 America's largest art fair "Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB)" . The most talked about at this year's fair was the comedian (2019), which appeared in the Perotin booth, with Maurizio Cattelan sticking a real banana to the wall with gray scotch tape.

Cattelan has been thinking about the idea for about a year and took a banana to decorate the hotel room with each trip. At first, he was thinking about sculptures in the shape of bananas, but after making several models using resin and bronze, he finally turned the real bananas into works.

On the first day of the fair, two editions of the work were purchased by individual collectors at a price of $ 120,000. The third edition was booked by the museum for $ 150,000 (about 16 million yen).

art basel miami beach 2019 comedian

New York Times According to reports, the bananas exhibited at ABMB were bought by Pérotin at a grocery store in Miami. When the work is purchased, a certificate from the Cattelan and an installation manual are attached.

The founder of the gallery, Emmanuel Pérotin, said that “purchase” is just part of the work, “if the certificate becomes known, this work is only a material expression. The fact that someone bought it makes the work. "

Such a banana encountered an incident the day before the fair closed. New York-based artist David Datuna stripped the banana from the wall and ate it. After the incident, Datuna named the act “Hungry Artist” and released a series of videos on Instagram. He also commented on these posts: “I love the work of Maurizio Cattelan and its installation.

Perrotin does not pursue legal liability for Datuna's actions. However, the next day, on the last day of the fair, the gallery announced that it would be removed. The reason for this is explained, “Because it is impossible to control visitors and the safety of the booths including the adjacent booths is jeopardized.”

Emmanuel is about his work Instagram It adds in this. “The simple composition of “Comedian” ultimately reflected us in a complex way. I would like to give my eternal thanks to Maurizio for having this work of watershed display.”

art basel miami beach 2019 comedian


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