Art Is Boundless. Live Coverage on Impromptu Creation of George Morton-Clark

Jun.,  11, 2019
Reported By Esquire Magazine

藝術沒有界線,直擊當代藝術家George Morton-Clark創作現場

“Everything just happened. ” Isn't it? When British artist George Morton-Clark promised to dedicate his first live creation to Taiwan Esquire "Esquire Taiwan International Edition", with a bit of excitement and surprise, I looked at the AllSaints classic leather jacket which I bought for traveling to Denmark last year in my closet and couldn’t help but mumbling. “Is it true?” Because George was going to draw on it.

As temporary situation, the the artist arrived in Taipei one night later and disrupted the photo studio schedule. We transferred it into the office of the British brand AllSaints which located on the Dongfeng Street and moved out a space as a studio. The cement wall space with a black leather jacket prepared perviously. When was the artist most inspired? He laughed and said: “At 3 o’clock in the morning, when inspiration came out all of a sudden, I immediately got out of bed and went straight to the studio to capture the moment. For the abstract style, he described everything as "naturally happening."

George Morton-Clark was born and raised in Tooting, South London. He studied animation for 3 years at  London University, Surrey Institute of Art and Design. After graduation, George started his aesthetic career. He used oil paint and acrylic paint as materials, inspired by films, music, his travels and pop imagery, and presented a rich layer of creation in contemporary abstract forms. The artist has collaborated with Adidas Original and has exhibited alongside the likes of Damien Hirst on the Art Basel. George’s future projects include another 9ft rug with Knots Rugs in Chelsea this Autumn. Besides, George will also participate in Art Basel Hong Kong with many top artists including Japanese contemporary art giant-Takashi Murakami, colorblind artist Daniel Arsham and Portuguese artist Vhils who is renowned for his gigantic carved murals.

On account of the major, George’ s artworks are often included not only Pikachu, Plusle and other characters from Pokémon, but Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and various familiar anime figures. In the unique graffiti technique, the dynamic lines of the cartoon characters are continuously overlapped, and then multi-level color blocks are used to bring a highly dynamic picture, which resonates with the viewer and brings the viewer the pleasure of positive energy. 

藝術沒有界線,直擊當代藝術家George Morton-Clark創作現場

Took off sneakers for painting, lowered his face and scattered the paint around his feet, and suddenly he absorbed in the jacket, without hesitate, George used a white acrylic pen to outline the exquisite floral shape on the upper edge of the jacket, and then brushed with white paint stretching down to the middle of it. Concentrated as usual, the artist sometimes stopped, rolled up the tobacco, looked at the rain outside and deep in thought. George said “ I know how things stand at the beginning. Then I will choose a color or a symbol and observe what position they are on the canvas. Second I will let them guide me to the next step. That’s most amazing part and full of surprises.”. After the second cigarette was smoked, George used the spray for a bolder composition. “Art makes everything aroused. I like to collide two different worlds together, which will give you more interesting and unexpected result.”. 
George's unrestrained and uninhibited temperament is on the same wavelength with British brand AllSaints which was first established on the streets of East London. AllSaints  have concerned about music, video and art for year. This time, the British fashion brand collaborates with the artist who also comes from the same country to verify and pursue the lifestyle of "personality, attitude, creativity". 

The impromptu creation for “Esquire Taiwan International Edition” makes people feel truly of "vibrance of art for fashion”. The knight jacket dug out from the wardrobe of Editor-in-Chief of Esquire has been given another soul. You should be on the spot and looked at the process when the artist was creating. That is art. Practice makes perfect. If you can discover more and more new things in the process of practice, what harm is there in frustration? Mistakes are also a kind of learning and growing. "I know I have created a decent painting when I look at it and feel my pupils dilate.”.